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DLT series

Maintaining High assembly quality with ease
  • Measured data is stored even after the power is turned off, preventing any data loss
  • Energy saving type with AUTO POWER OFF function (Power is automatically turned off when left unused for 10 minutes)
  • A Program designed for uploading the data stored in the “Delvo” torque checkers to a computer is available to download free from the NITTO KOHKI website.

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TTC series

Torque Wrench Checker
  • Check anytime the actual torque value before using the torque wrench.
  • Visible LED Display prevents mistake in reading the torque value.
  • 3 measurement mode are installed (Peak mode/Track mode/Peak hold mode).
  • Available for various size and head of the wrench by using Adaptors.

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HDT series

Digital Torque Measurement Device HDT-Series Works in both CW and CCW directions
  • 2 measurement modes available(Peak & Tracking Mode)
  • Over-torque preventing function installed
  • Accuracy: within +/-3%
  • Simple & Easy Tightening torque management!
  • 2 measurement modes available(Peak & Tracking Mode)
  • Alert by beeping sound when reaching the target torque.

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