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Manual Feed

For Manual and Robotic Pickup or Counting Application Space-saving!- Compact, Portable and easy to install, adapng easily o various producon demandsƐ Easy to use!-When changing the screw type, simply change the rail Versatile-• Standard market screwdriver bits can be used. • Corresponds with plain washer and spring washer screws. • Corresponds with various screw types saving installaon } osts • Connuous sc  ew aligning without interrupon or jamming up due • Simplify pickup by driver into a one-handed operaon, this machine eases work efficiency and producvity on the jobď

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Robotic Feed

Screw feeder OM26-series for Steel screws (Magnetic)
  • Hopper capacity: 300cc
  • Applicable screws M2 ~ M6 for Steel Screws only
  • Length up to 25mm
Automatic Pneumatic screw feeder BS series (Magnetic) Hopper Capacity:Small Type: 280cc/Large Type: 1300cc •Applicable to M1.6 ~ M6 Screws •Delivers iron screws remotely via air pressure Improves work efficiency by delivering iron screws to the workstaƟon pneumaƟcally. Includes 2.5m screw delivery hose. (Requires air compressor system and connectors) •Space saving with large capacity hopper The hopper and screw pickup unit are separated which is producon line friendly

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