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SP-V Coupler

Automatic shut-off valves in both socket and plug for vacuum applications. Each can withstand a vacuum of as high as 1.3 x 10-1 Pa even when disconnected.
  • Uses automatic shut-off valves with utral-tight sealed construction in both socket and plug. Ideal for vacuum applications.
  • Having automatic shut-off valves in both socket and plug facilitates easy fluid handling. Suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications as high as 1.3 X 10-1 Pa {1 x 10-3 mmHg} even when disconnected.
  • Three types of seal material are available to suit any of the diversified production lines for air conditioners, refrigerators or similar.
  • Can be connected with SP Cupla Type A.

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PCV Coupler

For connection to copper pipes
  • Clamps direct on to a straight copper pipe eliminating unnecessary welding or flaring -1
  • Withstands a vacuum of up to 1.3 x 10 Pa (when connected) making it possible to be used in leak testing, evacuation and refrigerant gas charge.
  • Select from three standard types of seal materials to be used with fluids for air conditioner and refrigerator production lines. Many models to suit various pipe sizes.

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