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Hand Spray Gun

Suction & gravity type are interchangeable for pressure type & vice versa Features 1. Stable air flow vastly realizes the prevention of air pressure lost 2. Reduction of paint consumption, and small air consumption in saving energy 3. Water based paint proof in the liquid connection part

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Automatic Spray Gun

Features 1. Realizing high quality paint film by optimum spraying paint volume" 2. The lightweight, compact design allows installation even in confined spaces 3. Highly durable non-lubricated type 4. The pattern can be adjusted (opened and closed) by remote control using compressed air

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Diaphragmpump/ pressure reducing valve/ pressure feed tank/ air agitator

  • Paint pressure feed tank greatly improves work efficiency for painting large surface areas
  • Safe design prevents cap opening during pressurization
  • Lightweight and easy to transport. Can also be used as a sealed tank for liquids
  • Prevention against pump malfunction casued by over discharge has been improved
  • Built-in painting system

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