Contribute to India’s ‘Make in India’ dream by bringing top quality and affordable technology within reach of all Indian Manufacturing Units.

What we do ?

Pneumec Kontrolls is a customer focused industrial solutions provider backed by a team of highly experienced technical professionals. We are engaged in importing and marketing state of the art technology driven, globally renowned international products for diverse industrial and manufacturing units, thereby helping them in reducing production time and improving efficiency.

Our clientele include global automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, electronic component manufacturers, robotics, heavy engineering industries, aerospace and aviation engineering, thermal, wind and solar energy, offshore oil exploration, shipbuilding and many more.

From its inception in the year 2000 in Bangalore, today we have a pan India presence through our network of branch offices, authorised representatives and dealers across the country.

Our Esteemed Clients

  • Global Automobile Manufacturers & their suppliers
  • Electronic Component Manufacturers
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Heavy Engineering Industries
  • Aerospace and Aviation Engineering
  • Thermal, Wind and Solar Energy
  • Offshore Oil Exploration
  • Ship Building and many more …

Management Team

Pneumec Kontrolls was established in the year 2000 in Bangalore by a team of partners with extensive experience in engineering, technology and business. The firm took the form of a private limited company in 2006 and since then, the two whole time directors Mr. Ketan Shah and Mr. B Nagendra have been steering the company towards further consistent growth.

We have a team of qualified and skilled engineers who are engaged in marketing high quality technology driven tools for diverse industries and manufacturing units. Our products and solutions are of the highest quality coupled with state of the art international technology, which enable substantial improvement in process flow and manpower optimisation.


Mr. B K Nagendra


Mr. Ketan Shah


We are committed to :

  • Improve Production Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction
  • Customised Solutions
  • Timely Deliveries
  • After Sales Service
  • Great Customer Experience

Our Structure And Presence

Apart from our registered office in Bangalore, we have sales and marketing offices & team members across India. Our direct teams are available at:

  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat
  • Andhra Pradesh

We also have Dealer presence across India, who stock and represent us when needed.

Expertise & Business Model

We are importers and distributors for some of the biggest and best Japanese brands in the industry and are in the process of adding more of them in the near future. Many of our products are easy to use and ‘plug and play’ in nature that require minimum installation and time to start operations. Apart from our offices, we also have a large warehouse to stock and cater to the demand of the fast moving products. Alongside, we also have very strong business tie-ups with freight forwarding agents to ensure smooth and fast importing of products from overseas manufacturers. This helps us meet demand and supply timelines effectively.

Apart from our team, we also operate through a dealer network across India for products which require channel partners. However, for specialised products which require technical skills and knowhow, we get involved directly during the sales process through active demonstrations, customer education and staff training.

We regularly participate in most of the largest industrial exhibitions in India every year in partnership with our suppliers. These exhibitions ensure brand awareness and showcase our entire range of products.

Nitto Kohki

Supply Chain

We also have a large warehouse to stock and cater to the demand of the fast moving products. Alongside, we also have strong business tie-ups with freight forwarding agents to ensure smooth & fast importing of products from overseas, thus able to meet the volatile Demand & Supply timelines effectively.